History at the Borderlands

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El Paso Museum of History

City of El Paso • El Paso, TX • 7,000 sq. ft.

At the far western tip of Texas, across the Rio Grande from the Mexican city of Juarez, the city of El Paso has a long, rich history involving a unique tapestry of disparate cultures, including the early Pueblo Indians, Mexicans, Spanish Conquistadors, European settlers, and immigrants from China, Africa, and even Syria. The new El Paso Museum of History is part of a larger city revitalization effort that includes a complete renovation of downtown El Paso’s Cleveland Square, with a new central library adjacent to the museum. Storyline Studio was selected to conduct multi-phase master planning and exhibition design for all permanent exhibits.  In addition, Storyline Studio designed a permanent brand identity and signage for the new museum.

The ground floor of the museum represents a ground-breaking new approach to visitor-focused exhibition design with the “El Paso A-to-Z” gallery.  This modular display system utilizes the combined English and Spanish alphabets as an organizing tool for an eclectic selection of provocative regional artifacts.

The upper level of the museum houses a more traditional chronological exposition of the area’s rich local history, from early tribal settlements, through the Spanish conquistadors and the missions, to the Mexican Revolution and beyond.

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