More Than a Theater

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When is a theater more than a theater?

The Broadway Center for the Performing Arts is not just a theater. It sees its role as a catalyst to bring the citizens of Tacoma, Washington together – to think, to discuss and to get involved in making their community a better place to live.

Now, the Center has boldly committed to create a unique experience that will entice theater-goers and other visitors to explore the nature of civic engagement.

To imagine this experience, the Center turned to Storyline Studio.

The result is The Lehrer-Lucien Commons. Named in honor of two of Tacoma’s inspirational community heroines, the Commons will be a delightful, thought-provoking and interactive exhibition located outside and inside the Center’s Theater on the Square. The concept has three parts:

Tacoma Pulse: this moveable, modular presentation can be set up in the lobby and on the plaza. It provides a “snap-shot” of the city’s civic “health” and a chance for visitors to participate and express themselves around civic issues.

Tacoma Action: located in the second floor lobby, Storyline has conceived  a space that functions both as a theater lobby and as an experience designed to get people talking and thinking about civic issues.

Tacoma Spirit: also on the second floor, in a narrow galleria, the experience takes the form of a three-dimensional mosaic where visitors explore the nature of civic leadership and how it has helped shape the city today.


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