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Wallis Annenberg PetSpace

Playa Vista, California

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It has been a long-time dream of philanthropist Wallis Annenberg to create a center dedicated to exploring and celebrating the animal-human bond. Now it is a reality. Wallis Annenberg PetSpace opened in June in the new community of Playa Vista near Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

The contemporary, light-filled building is a fully operational animal adoption center and much more. It is a pet-based community destination. It is a place that models best practice in the care of companion animals as well as a somewhere to simply drop in and enjoy being around companion animals.

Storyline designed the entire guest experience. There is literally nothing like it in the world. The project drew on Storyline’s many years of storytelling development. We were responsible for creative development, branding, public space planning, interior design, exhibition design, environmental graphics and signage.

PetSpace works on a variety of levels. It is an eye-popping experience for children as they explore a human hamster wheel, take a turn down a “habitrail” slide and stand close to immense moving sculptures of a dog, cat and hamster.

There is a transparency between front-of-house and animal care areas. Guests not only see into spaces such as the animal surgery or grooming and rehab rooms, they can also talk to the animal care experts at work.

Working with digital developer, Belle and Wissell, the design team harnessed the latest technology to create PetSpace for mobile phones. This allows anyone to join the PetSpace community and discover a range of resources on animal care.

On the adoption floor, we discover PetStop. This is where adoptable animals await their new homes. They are found in individual suites. Each suite is designed to be comfortable, functional and stress-free. PetStop is also a very social space where people and animals mingle.

In each adoption suite, prospective adopters can find out about the animal using a large interactive screen called PetBook. Here they can explore the responsibilities of pet ownership. The goal is to find the ideal match for both human and animal.

Many companies collaborated with us to make Annenberg PetSpace a reality:

Matt Construction: General Contractor

Swatt Miers Architects: Architect of Record

Cinnabar: Exhibit Fabrication

CREO Industrial Arts: Scratching Post, Retail & Signage Fabrication

BBI Engineering: Audio Visual Integration

Belle & Wissel: Software Design

Dawson 3D: Giant Animal Modeling

Karen Lewis: Illustration

Site Photography: Elon Schoenholz Photography



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