The Needle’s Miracle Revealed

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Millions visit the Space Needle in Seattle but few know the story of how it was built, and who built it. Until now.

For the past year, Storyline – working closely with the Space Needle team – have pored over a treasure trove of thousands of images – many of them never shown before. The result is a visual treat: an exhibition that traces the dramatic story of the Needle – from its inspirational napkin sketch to the spring of 1962 when it opened at the World’s Fair.

At the exhibition opening on April 6, it was especially moving to see the reaction of former ironworker Jack Edwards who found an image of himself – more than 50 years ago – perched on a beam hundreds of feet in the air.


Here is how K5 News Evening Magazine program reported it.

Click here to view the video.

As Needle historian, Skip Berger said:  “I hope the exhibition embodies the sprit of the people who constructed it.”


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