Printing the Needle

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A exciting feature of our newly completed Space Needle exhibition, are three detailed models of the Seattle Space Needle showing the main stages of the Needle’s construction. In the spirit of the 1962 World’s Fair – for which the Space Needle was created – we decided to harness a burgeoning technology to create the models – in this case, 3-D printing. Working with 3D artist, Henk Dawson of Dawson 3D Inc., detailed computer models were built of each major phase of construction – from foundation to the finished Needle.


The computer models were processed and sent to a Seattle firm, Fathom, who specialize in 3D printing, manufacturing and prototyping.  Over several weeks the detailed models were meticulously printed.



Due to their large size, the models had to be printed in sections and then assembled.


Lastly, exhibit fabricators, Group Delphi carefully installed the three models into custom-designed cylindrical cases.




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