An Ancient Journey Continues

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The Suquamish Museum

The Suquamish Tribe • Suquamish, WA

The new Suquamish Museum is a vibrant testimonial to the resilience and self-reliance of the Salish tribe whose most famous leader gave the city of Seattle its name. Instead of presenting a strictly chronological history, the exhibition explores the timelessness of the core values of the Suquamish culture. Seven symbolic sculptural icons inspired by both traditional and modern Suquamish art forms, crafted by both tribal and non-tribal artisans, illustrate an integrated cultural view of the Suquamish tribe over time.

Reflecting the ongoing cultural resurgence of tribal traditions, the Southern Lushootseed language takes a place of prominence throught the exhibit graphics. In addition, the award-winning video “Come Forth Laughing” produced for the tribe’s former museum was remastered and expanded into an immersive multi-channel media experience, down-projected onto three sculpted stone slabs at the heart of the gallery.

The theme of the exhibit, “Ancient Shores, Changing Tides,” is visualized through an abstract custom resin floor inlay that runs the length of the gallery, densely embedded with seaweed, shells, and other items gathered from traditional Suquamish beaches.






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